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Partner with External Organizations

Duke’s Office for External Partnerships (OEP) will work with you to establish, facilitate, and support an arrangement that aligns with your research interests and objectives.

Identify Partnering Opportunities to Fund and Support Your Research Interests

OEP has extensive expertise in fostering collaborations with industry, government, and nonprofit organizations interested in research partnerships. Leveraging our wide-ranging network of connections within the university and various industries, we are well-equipped to facilitate valuable connections for you. These connections will help you secure funding and receive support for your research endeavors.

If you are interested in exploring research partnership opportunities, please reach out to our team. We will work closely with you to understand your research goals and connect you with potential partners. Our team’s experience and dedication to fostering research partnerships will ensure that you have the best possible opportunities to advance your research and achieve your objectives.

Align Partnering Interests

We identify and develop relationships with external organizations that align with the interests of the university and its faculty. Our team will work with you to match your areas of expertise and interest with potential research partners. We also provide guidance on how to develop and maintain relationships with these partners.

Shyni Varghese, professor of biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering and materials science and orthopaedics (right), in her Duke University lab. She is taking a microscope slide from a colleague.

Facilitate Partnership Discussions

OEP serves as a central hub where Duke faculty can engage with industry and community partners. Our team is dedicated to facilitating partnership discussions on behalf of faculty, creating a platform for you to explore potential collaborations and connect with potential collaborators who can provide the necessary funding and resources to support your research interests.

By working closely with you, we aim to identify and initiate conversations with potential partners who align with your research goals. These partnership discussions offer a valuable opportunity for you to learn more about the possibilities of collaboration and establish connections with organizations that can contribute to your research in terms of financial support and resources.

Our role is to streamline the process and provide a supportive environment where you can navigate partnership opportunities easily and effectively. We understand that securing funding and accessing the necessary resources are crucial for advancing your research endeavors.

If you are interested in exploring potential partnerships and connecting with industry and community partners, please reach out to our team. Through our centralized approach, we aim to facilitate productive partnerships that enable you to make significant strides in your research while leveraging the support and expertise of external partners

A photo of Duke professor Amanda Randles in a black sweater, presenting a microscopic image on a projector.

Accelerate the Negotiation Cycle

We provide a central point of contact for you and outside organizations, and help to coordinate the negotiation process. We provide resources and information to help all sides of the partnership with the negotiation process to achieve their goals.


Research Briefs

Research briefs are an effective way to showcase your research capabilities to companies and build relationships with potential partners. We will help you prepare briefs that include details on your research interests, the potential of cooperative research, and the advantages of collaborating with you.

Work With a Specific School, Institute, or Center

Contact a member of our team to get started.

Divinity School Victor Taylor
Fuqua School of Business Victor Taylor
Graduate School
Victor Taylor, Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Nicholas School of the Environment Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Pratt School of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Civil & Environmental Engineering Dan Dardani, CLP
Electrical & Computer Engineering Dan Dardani, CLP
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Dan Dardani, CLP
Sanford School of Public Policy Victor Taylor
School of Law Victor Taylor
School of Medicine
Diagnostics Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Devices Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Therapeutics Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
School of Nursing Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Arts & Humanities Victor Taylor
Computer Science Dan Dardani, CLP
Natural Sciences Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Social Sciences Victor Taylor
Duke Cancer Institute Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Clinical Research Institute Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Global Health Institute Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke – Margolis Institute for Health Policy Victor Taylor
John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Victor Taylor
Kenan Institute for Ethics Victor Taylor
Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Social Science Research Institute Victor Taylor
Duke Athletics Victor Taylor
Duke Lemur Center Ed Pagani, Ph.D. or Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative Victor Taylor
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University Victor Taylor
University Data Dan Dardani, Ph.D.
Other Center Not Listed Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Debra Clark Jones

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