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Duke’s Office for External Partnerships is committed to collaborating with your company to establish a sponsored research arrangement that benefits both parties. This arrangement will involve Duke University faculty members and sometimes students and aims to align with your research interests and objectives as well as those of Duke.

To facilitate this collaboration, we will connect you with Duke researchers who possess the expertise and capabilities to address your organization’s most challenging problems. Alternatively, we can explore the possibility of sponsoring research projects that contribute to the further development of existing Duke intellectual property, which may subsequently be licensed to your organization.

By engaging in this sponsored research arrangement, your organization will gain access to the knowledge, resources, and innovative solutions offered by Duke faculty. Simultaneously, Duke researchers will receive the necessary financial support to pursue their research endeavors and apply their expertise in practical applications.

Should you be interested in pursuing research opportunities with Duke faculty, we encourage you to contact our Office for External Partnerships. We will provide you with detailed information and tailored guidance specific to your organization’s research interests and requirements. Please keep in mind that the specifics of the sponsored research arrangement may vary depending on the unique circumstances and agreements negotiated between the parties involved.

Sponsored Research

Our team ensures that the agreements adhere to standards of the university and industry while also providing support throughout the entire process. This includes everything from proposal development to negotiating contract terms and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Shyni Varghese, professor of biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering and materials science and orthopaedics (right), in her Duke University lab. She is taking a microscope slide from a colleague.

Sponsored Fellowships

From identifying suitable fellowship opportunities to negotiating the terms of the fellowship agreement, our team facilitates sponsored fellowship agreements that align with the research interests and career goals of the fellow. We ensure the fellowship complies with relevant regulations and provide ongoing support to the fellow throughout the duration of the fellowship.

A photo of Duke professor Amanda Randles in a black sweater, presenting a microscopic image on a projector.

In-kind Gifts

Our team identifies specific needs and facilitates in-kind donations to the relevant Duke department or research center. We ensure the donation is structured to meet the needs of both your organization and Duke faculty, and that it complies with relevant regulations.

Networking Relationships

Our team helps establish relationships that facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We will facilitate introductions and connections between individuals and organizations with similar research interests and objectives. Our office also provides ongoing support to maintain and foster relationships, potentially leading to future opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Events Sponsorship

We provide exposure and recognition to your organization by connecting you with research and innovation-related events and opportunities at Duke. We work closely with partners to identify relevant events, providing ongoing support for logistics and coordination.

Duke Quantum faculty

Work With a Specific School, Institute, or Center

Contact a member of our team to get started.

Divinity School Victor Taylor
Fuqua School of Business Victor Taylor
Graduate School
Victor Taylor, Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Nicholas School of the Environment Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Pratt School of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Civil & Environmental Engineering Dan Dardani, CLP
Electrical & Computer Engineering Dan Dardani, CLP
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Dan Dardani, CLP
Sanford School of Public Policy Victor Taylor
School of Law Victor Taylor
School of Medicine
Diagnostics Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Devices Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Therapeutics Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
School of Nursing Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Arts & Humanities Victor Taylor
Computer Science Dan Dardani, CLP
Natural Sciences Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Social Sciences Victor Taylor
Duke Cancer Institute Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Clinical Research Institute Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Global Health Institute Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Duke - Margolis Institute for Health Policy Victor Taylor
John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Victor Taylor
Kenan Institute for Ethics Victor Taylor
Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Social Science Research Institute Victor Taylor
Duke Athletics Victor Taylor
Duke Lemur Center Ed Pagani, Ph.D. or Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative Victor Taylor
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University Victor Taylor
University Data Dan Dardani, Ph.D.
Other Center Not Listed Ed Pagani, Ph.D.
Debra Clark Jones

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